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Victim of Samui sword attack speaks out

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Victim of Samui sword attack speaks out | Samui Times
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On the 9th of May 2016 a US citizen was attacked and badly wounded in a knife attack in Koh Samui.

The attack took place in Nathon, close to the location of the old immigration office. During the attack the victim suffered horrendous wounds to his head and legs, immediately after the attack he posted this video clip to YouTube.

sword_attack_3At the time of the attack victim Timothy Claus, 32, was living and working on Koh Samui. Finding himself in need of extra workmen for a carpentry project he approached another company for staff and was introduced to 32 year old Mr. Chaiyarat Imkong known to his friends as Sam. Timothy provided tools for Sam to use for a few days prior to the attack.

On the day of the attack Timothy went to pick up the tools from Sam’s room. According to Timothy when he arrived Sam’s was ‘high’ and watching cartoons and quickly became agitated and grabbed a sword. Timothy, sensing danger ran. Once outside Timothy was kicked by a second man causing him to fall to the ground before being struck in the arm, thigh and abdomen by a sword wielding Sam. Timothy then got up and ran towards a group of people before being cornered. His attacker told onlookers to disperse if they did not wish to be hurt. It was then Timothy took another blow, this time to his head. Timothy told the Samui Times “After the blow/strike to the head I waited for him to raise the sword, then grabbed his wrist with my left hand. He then used both his hands on my left hand. He was so high and strong he pulled my shoulder out of the sam_the_attackersocket. I still have his fingernail marks on my wrist today. All I could do was hold on. I had no use of my arm but managed to keep my grip. I turned him around, knocked him down and put my knee on his hand with the sword and held him down. The police were there within seconds.”

After the attack Timothy was treated at the Nathon / Samui hospital. His shoulder was re-set and his head wound was partially sutured before was then taken to the Bangkok Samui Hospital where he was admitted for further treatment. His ear was sewn back together and his head wound was re-sutured, the muscles in his leg were sewn back together in a “multi-level” procedure and he was monitored for brain damage.

After the attack Timothy used only one crutch, the damage to his shoulder prevented him from using two. He operated with his right arm and left leg, his ability to walk was further hampered by two broken toes. Today, six months later, he still suffers pain in his ankle and his ear is crooked.

The man who attacked Timothy was apprehended after the attack and held for approximately seven months. He told police that Timothy had punched him, however a hospital examination of the man showed no marks on his body. It then transpired the man had recently been released from jail where he served three years for a violent crime, he also had several prior drug offences under his belt.

sword-attack_1In December 2016 the attacker was charged with fighting before being released on time served on remand.

Timothy told the Samui Times –

“I just want to start off by saying I love Thailand. I love Thailand because it is a great country in its entirety, not because I’m the kind of person who goes there for holiday and falls in love with the touristlifestyle. I was invited to work in the Kingdom and I certainly have my choice of countries to live in, being the holder of a US passport.

I have lived and worked in many countries. I am a well-educated and open-minded individual. I chose Thailand as my home base for 7 years while working internationally, and I was planning my future based around living in Thailand.

Anyone who has lived in Thailand, or any developing country, knows that the legal system isn’t perfect but for the most part; good people are helped and bad people are punished.

In my seven years I’ve had very little dealings with the police or any ugly situations. I’ve seen everything that could possible happen in others’ lives around me. I never imagined that I would nearly become another death “statistic” whether in a traffic accident or act of violence.

In my country I was a registered DEFENSE CONTRACTOR working with the ATF, US Marshals, and DOD. I am/was sword_attack_4licensed to carry firearms and authorized to use deadly force. If this had happened there I would have shot the man dead after the first two strikes.

(I was hit 5 times, three times before clip 1 and twice after. The first three did not cut me because of clothing and defense tactics).

If I shot him I would have not been seriously injured and I would have been within my rights.

Knowing how things can go horribly wrong, depending on several factors, I chose to try to defuse the situation with words whether than defend myself in an offensive manor. I still believe if I would have disarmed him earlier I would be the one in jail. As it would have gotten messy.

I am now exercising my ability to travel, work and live in any country. The Thai justice system is unjust and this disgusts me. The entire system has been let down by one prejudice person.

I am not sure if I will ever live in Thailand again, unless I find justice in knowing that the lady judge, Miss Pimsasi Chunsawang, is seriously reprimanded or disrobed, she does not deserve to sit on the bench. I sold my company, house and vehicles in the days after the trial. I liquidated everything for a fraction of its value. I was so let down I couldn’t stay for another moment.

I was so certain that the man would serve the minimum 12 year sentence. When they let him go I felt like the country I called home for so long had not only let me down but twisted the knife in my wound.”







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