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Video by Chinese tourist in Thailand: No wonder everyone hates us!

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Video by Chinese tourist in Thailand: No wonder everyone hates us! | Samui Times
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A video posted online by a Chinese female tourist has proved a real hit with Thais who have praised the woman’s candour.

The three minute video on the Facebook page of “China Social Media by Johny” filmed at a beach in Krabi recounts a litany of bad behavior and disregard for the Thai law that makes the Chinese woman feel ashamed, reported Daily News.

“No wonder everyone hates us,” she says. “So many Chinese people don’t care about the law in other countries”.

She spoke particularly about tour groups but singled out a woman she had witnessed at the beach who had tried to take home wood from the beach despite being warned not to do so by guides and other more responsible members of the group.

“Thank goodness some people spoke up.” she said, “if they hadn’t stopped this woman her and others like her would take the whole beach home with them – sand, stones, coral and all – within a year”.

Apparently the video poster was appalled that the lady in question argued the toss saying that she had been to twenty countries and taken souvenirs from everywhere without any problem.

Thais online praised the woman saying that she was a good tourist and a good person. Thai netizens accepted that there were many good Chinese tourists but some spoiled it for the majority.

The video was fully translated into Thai.

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