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Video to stop Chinese tourists getting naked in Thailand to be released

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Video to stop Chinese tourists getting naked in Thailand to be released | Samui Times
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In a move to allow Chinese visitors to Thailand to enjoy their trip without offending Thai people, Thai officials are set to release a two minute animated video in Chinese explaining the nations attitude towards nudity.

topless in ThailandThe recent image of a woman going topless in a public rest room at Don Mueang airport, that went viral, has caused outcry. Public nudity is strictly forbidden in Thailand, and considered offensive even in areas such as public rest rooms.

Although the woman in the offending photograph has not been proved to be Chinese many believe she is from China. One woman posted the image on the popular CSI LA Facebook page and said “Chinese tourist are awful, I have seen many of them taking off their clothes in public toilets, some even removed their lower garments, it is disgusting.”

The image has now been removed from many social media sites, a spokesperson from Dom Mueang has asked that people do not blow the incident out of proportion. He went on to say that visitors from China are very welcome in the Kingdom and that they bring in a lot of tourist revenue, however if something inappropriate is witnessed warnings or penalties will be imposed on a case by case basis.

white watThe two minute video will be placed on travel blogs and it is hoped that the move will encourage Chinese visitors to keep their clothes on. A member of the Thai Travel Agents Association have asked that Thai people stop sharing the image that risks offending the Chinese.

Earlier this year the famous Wat Rong Khun, the White Temple in Chiang Rai took the decision to build new toilets after complaints about the bathroom etiquette of Chinese visitors to the temple. Previously the temple took the measure of banning Chinese tourist altogether after a group of Chinese tourist left the bathroom facilities in a state of disrepair. It was reported that the group had defecated on the floor of the bathroom, urinated on the walls outside the facility and left feminine hygiene products on the bathroom walls. Chalermchai Kositpipat, the temple’s designer said that it was “impossible” for other tourist to use the rest room facilities after members of the Chinese tours had used them so he would build new ones.




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