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Villages back to normal as Ghostbusters chase 300 ogres out of town!

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Villages back to normal as Ghostbusters chase 300 ogres out of town! | Samui Times
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Five Isaan villages are now happy again after some 300 ogres were run out of town in a large ceremony on Sunday.

ghost-busters-thailandThe mass exorcism of what the locals call “phee pop” was carried out by a specialist at the Kalasin town hall and then by villagers from the five affected areas.

The ceremonies were carried out after five unexplained deaths. Worried villagers had held a crisis meeting and agreed to spend 50 baht per each household to bring in experts and buy the necessary ghost busting equipment, reports Sanook.

Phee Pop are a particularly virulent and unpleasant kind of spirit – they have been known to enter people’s bodies and eat them from the inside out.

Firstly on Sunday at the central town hall professional ghost buster Bunsong Prathumchai, 56, and 14 of his disciples from Mahasarakhram got the ball rolling with a ceremony that included flowers, incense, a sacred sword and various woods including that from the tamarind tree.

Following this the action moved to the five affected villages in the Nong Yai sub district where villagers took part in the “siang khong” part of the exorcism where the phee pop are hunted down and chased into an earthenware jar covered in a sacred cloth.

When this was successfully completed – and 300 errant ogres were trapped in the jar – it was incinerated to get rid of the trouble they had caused once and for all.

Representative of the five stricken “moo baans” Sawan Phaengnoi, a phoo yai baan himself, said that five people had died without apparent cause recently and obviously evil forces were at work.

Two men aged 55 had died for no reason in their hammocks and a 67 year old man just pegged out from threshing rice. reported that following the successful exorcisms everyone in the villages was satisfied and were now “sabai jai” (happy) and could get on with the rest of their lives in peace.


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