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Want a luxurious festive season? Look no further than the Squires Loft Menu!

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Want a luxurious festive season? Look no further than the Squires Loft Menu! | Samui Times
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Christmas is a time for celebration, for putting all of your worries on the shelf for a while and enjoying hearty food and drinks with friends and family. What better way to enjoy the yuletide season than with some luxurious offerings from the Squires Loft Table in the ever popular and romantic Fisherman’s Village!

Squires loft Samui 1The Squires Loft has a delectable menu packed full of ‘something for everybody’ goodies and some new items to boot!

The myriad of temptations are far too many to mention but a few of the Samui Times team favorites include the Trio of Homemade Dips found on the Entre menu – Tzatziki, Eggplant and Hummus served with crispy Pitta bread, the rich and pleasing Cheese Platter is another of our favorites with Cheddar, Brie and Blue Cheese served with biscuits, fruit and olives. Another entrée dish that gets our taste buds working overtime is the Mixed Sausage plate of Smoked port and Wagyu Beef Sausages, and of course the Beef skewered and marinated kebabs! Another welcome addition is the Lobster chargrilled with Garlic butter if you can tear yourself away from the mind blowing spare ribs that is!

Turning our attentions to the main course meals the amazingly lean and tender Eye Fillet never fails to impress, nor squires loft Samui 4does the Rump or Porterhouse for that matter, if you like your beef with a decadent run of fat through the centre then the Scotch is a must order item and if you have a taste for the indulgent then the Black Angus Porterhouse is the one for you. If you fancy a fancy burger then look no further than the Wagyu burger marinated in the Squires Loft famous baste and if you fancy something fishy then the grilled Salmon will certainly satisfy your desire of the aquatic. That temping lobster (but this time whole) can also be found on the mains menu if you like your fruit of the ocean a little more up market!

For more information on the Squires loft why not click here to visit our restaurant review of this, one of our favorite venues in Koh Samui.

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