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Want World Heritage status? Clean your beaches – Phuket Gov

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Want World Heritage status? Clean your beaches – Phuket Gov | Samui Times
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Phuket Governor Nisit Jansomwang this morning (February 2) visited Karon Beach as part of his series of monthly beach clean-ups. He was joined by a large contingent of volunteers from both private and public sectors.

He said that he would continue cleaning up garbage on beaches for at least 12 months or until local people start to realise their responsibility for keeping beaches garbage-free.

clean beaches ThailandThe Governor pointed out that the Natural Resources and Environment Reformation Committee, led by Director Pramote Maiklud, is pushing for the Andaman coastal provinces – including Phuket – to be declared a World Heritage Site.

But, he asked, “If we leave our beaches – the most outstanding natural treasure of the island – dirty, how can our island become a World Heritage Site?”

He had parise for the local authorities responsible for Karon Beach. “I have to say that Karon Municipality has good management. Karon Beach is very long but we could find little garbage comparing with previous beaches we visited.”

The Governor previously joined clean-ups of Kamala, Patong and Saphan Hin Beaches, and along Klong Tha Cheen.

“The monthly beach cleaning is planned to continue for 12 months. I will quit this monthly routine whenever the beaches are clean and people understand and recognise the importance of keeping them clean.” During the walk along the beach for garbage collecting, he and his party were approached by tourists complaining about the lack of beach umbrellas, allowing the team the chance to explain the new rules.

“We understand that there are several different points of view, from people who want the beaches to be completely clear, to beach business operators and tourists who have a different view.

“We are trying our best to have them meet in the middle. But rules are rules. We have an official agreement and everyone must follow it.

“There are still people putting umbrella outside the 10 per cent special zone. It is not easy to make all the tourists understand, especially people with other languages.

“However, we are creating signs in Thai, English, Chinese and Russian as a priority. We have to gradually inform people.”

He added that he chose to go to Karon today after receiving a report that some beach umbrella operators are still blocking out space for business use. He said he explained the rules to them and warned them not to do it again.

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