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Wanted big time Phuket drug dealer arrested in Songkhla

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Wanted big time Phuket drug dealer arrested in Songkhla | Samui Times
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A big time Phuket drug dealer who last month escaped arrest when he fled from his home just before a police raid which netted B5 million worth of drugs was arrested in Songkhla on Wednesday night (Sept 3).

With the help of Thungtamsao police, Chief of the Phuket Narcotic Suppression Unit, Lt Col Prawit Eagchuwn and his team arrested Koh Kaew resident, Anuwat Thongton, 31, at a house in the Thungtamsao sub district of Haad Yai.

big time drug dealer PhuketAnuwat was wanted on an arrest warrant issued by Phuket Provincial court on August 11 for possession of Category 1 drugs (methamphetamine (ya bah) and crystal meth (ya ice)) with intent to sell and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

At a press conference held yesterday (Sept 4), Lt Col Prawit said that on August 5 he led a team from the Phuket City Narcotic Suppression Unit to raid a house in Moo Baan Srisuchart Grand View 5 in soi Lakkongsi in Rassada where Anuwat had been staying.

During the raid, police seized 2.15 kilos of ya ice, 1,469 ya bah pills, four pistols and 400 bullets, along with two safes, three mobile phones, digital scales, a wallet containing ATM cards and an ID card, a bank account book, drug taking paraphernalia, a Toyota pick-up truck and a motorbike.

However, Anuwat had fled the house just before the raid. (See story here)

“We have been carrying out surveillance on Anuwat and knew that he had been hiding at a house in Thungtamsao. As soon as we got the warrant we raided the home with local officers,” said Lt Col Prawit.

Anuwat was taken to Phuket City Police Station to face his charges.

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