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Wanted ‘pretty’ reports to CSD in Chuwong’s suspicious car crash death

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Wanted ‘pretty’ reports to CSD in Chuwong’s suspicious car crash death | Samui Times
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One of the two show girls or “pretties” wanted by the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) for questioning in connection with the suspicious death of a construction contractor showed up at the CSD headquarters Thursday with her lawyer to defend her innocence.

suspicious death in ThailandMiss Kantana Sivatanapol, 26, wearing white cap and surgical mask to conceal her face, came to see CSD to clarify the 9.5 million shares worth 228 million baht transfered to her by the construction tycoon Chuwong Sae Tang a few days before he died in a suspicious car crash driven by a former Nakhon Sawan MP for the Pheu Thai party, and former deputy commerce minister Pol Lt Col Bunyin Tangpakorn on June 26.

Miss Kantana who is a broker of a finance company where the tycoon had the shares in portfolio also works part time as show girl at motor shows and presentation events.

Her lawyer Seksan Senachu said she received the shares legitimately as the tycoon gratuitously transferred the shares to her.

Her lawyer said before the transfer, the tycoon also asked for her ID card to process the transfer.

She knew the tycoon for almost two years and refused to go into details of her persons affairs with the tycoon. She is now eighth month pregnant. But she said after learning of the death of Mr Chuwong, she dared not attend his funeral but rang up his family to voice regret over the incident.

Royal Thai Police assistant commissioner Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thawornsiri, meanwhile, said the CSD will handle investigation of the share transfer.

According to earlier investigation, Chuwong’s sister had detected that signatures in the shared transfer documents were wrongly spelt, and became suspicious that the car crash might be staged to look it appeared an accident that killed her brother Chuwong.

Instead of spelling the family name in the transfer document as “ตั๊ง” (Tang), she told police that it was spelt “ตั้ง” and “ตั๋ง”. This aroused the family’s suspicion to petition the Royal Thai Police to reopen the car crash case as it could be an unusual accident.

Meanwhile the CSD will issue a second warrant for another girl who also was another recipient of a huge share transfer worth over 40 million baht from Mr Chuwong for questioning or else an arrest warrant will be issued instead.

The CSD asked that she shows up immediately as her life might be in danger.

Forensic autopsy of My Chuwong had shown that he had internal bleeding in the brain, indicating of being impacted by hardened object.

A car expert had earlier said normally for luxury car as Lexus, it is equipped with a ECU (engine control unit), device which is like a car computer and works same as the aircraft’s black box.

The ECU box will record everything when the engine is started, and the speed when the vehicle crashes.

When the vehicle crashes something over 40 kilometres an hour the air bags which are kept inside both in the console of the two front seats will work automatically.

But in this unusual incident, the air bags on both seats did not work, indicating the vehicle was running at lower speed.

The air bag failure raised Mr Chuwong’s son to suspect the death of his father why he died in the incident, considering from the damage to the vehicle which is not severe when it rammed at a tree. Instead the left front of the vehicle which his father seated suffered no damage at all except at the front right.

The tree was also not fallen by the impact.

The driver earlier claimed a pickup truck cut in to his way instantly while he was driving the tycoon home, forcing him to swerve to the left and crash on the sidewalk before hitting the tree.

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