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WARNING! A dangerous robber (aggressor) attacks lonely women on Koh Samui.

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WARNING! A dangerous robber (aggressor) attacks lonely women on Koh Samui. | Samui Times
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Reports on local Facebook sights are warning of a dangerous robber operating in Koh Samui.

This post is made by Russian community on Samui.

Last week, we have seen at least 3 incidents with a local(?) aggressor attacking women. All the cases happened on the shortcut road from Maenam to Lamai (through jungles, Soi 1 in Maenam). All of them were done in a daytime: two times — about 12-2 PM, one time — about 5-6 PM.

Two times the story was the same: he waited for a victim on a secondary road, then drove behind and watched, then drove to a victim, cut her off and started to blackmail (asking for money).

Maenam Lamai* First time (25th of February) he stopped a girl, threatened her and asked for money but luckily she cheated him and went forward on the bike. He was following her for 5 minutes on a high speed, then drove to her and tried to ram her. She stopped and started to talk, then distracted his attention and tried to go away for the second time. Happily, a car appeared, she stopped it and explained everything. Aggressor spoke with a Thai driver of this car and convinced him that nothing happened. A girl left while they were speaking.
* The same day (25th of February), the same aggressor attacked other Russian girl who was jogging on Maenam Soi 1. He throttled her, tried to bring her in the bushes. She tried to resist and cried. Happily, some motorbike was passing by and aggressor let the girl to go away.
* The third case happened on 29th of February, near Lamai area (in the mountains). He followed a girl on the bike, cut her off, showed her a knife and started to blackmail.

All the girls visited police station and made applications. However, policemen don’t seem to pay enought attention to the cases.

All lonely women running/driving on the Maenam-Lamai shortcut can BECOME A VICTIM of this aggressor!

DISTINCTIVE MARKS of this aggressor. He is skinny and tall. Speaks Thai and a little of English. Dark hair, haircut similar to Lenny Kravitz. Big popped eyes. He uses a very old motorbike of dark color. Two times he was in an orange polo.

* let all the women know about these cases and the place — to be very CAUTIOUS in this area;
* find other victims of this guy;
* join our forces to engage policemen (two applications are already done and accepted) and deal with it.

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