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Warrant out for beast who killed Thai toddler with a broom handle

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Warrant out for beast who killed Thai toddler with a broom handle | Samui Times
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An arrest warrant is out for a vicious stepfather who beat a two year old to death with a broom handle.

The scared and tormented mother, herself the victim of serious abuse, told police that the little girl had spilt some talcum powder on the floor in the kitchen, reports Daily News.

toddler killerEnraged the step father attacked the little one repeatedly and didn’t stop even when the child raised her hands in a wai. And after going out briefly he returned to hit the child again and again in her bed ultimately killing her.

The shocking violence came to light after the wife, named as Mon, 24 (an assumed name) went to the Paweena Hongsakul Foundation for battered women and children for help. Paweena later took Mon to Thianthalee police to report the incident.

Mon is under protection while her husband “Ae” is sought. He is thought to be hiding out somewhere in the coastal marshes south west of Bangkok.

Her daughter “Wan” was just two years and four months old when she spilt some talc on the kitchen floor angering her step father. He picked up a bamboo broom handle and repeatedly attacked her. Her mother intervened but was similarly assaulted with another object as she tried to calm him down.

The stepfather was known to take drugs.

He seemed to cool off a little and the little one was put to bed but he returned still in a rage and set about her again hitting her all over her little body as she lay defenceless in bed.He then went to sleep satisfied with his cruelty.

The poor child was crying and saying she would not do it again before she passed out and was thought to be sleeping. She was later found to be dead from the beating.

When the step father realised she was dead he told the mother to say nothing and that he would bury the toddler next to the house. However the man’s sister who was nearby reported the death forcing the step father to flee amid threats to kill his wife.

An arrest warrant is out for the man. Police suspect he may be hiding on boats in the coastal region.

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