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“We are on top of everything” say Thai police amid heightened security threat

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“We are on top of everything” say Thai police amid heightened security threat | Samui Times
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Police have said that they are on top of matters after reports of possible bomb attacks in Bangkok and the surrounding province.

security-threat-bangkokDeputy police chief Srivara Rangsibhramanakul played down reports coming from Australian security services and the Australian embassy that the capital would be targeted with car bombs in the October 25 – 30 period, reports Manager Online.

Srivara said that news of this nature was “normal” and that it happens “all over the world”. Security personnel would be as vigilant as ever in ensuring the safety of the capital.

However, he did consider the threat credible enough to call together a large gathering of representatives from city and regional police to the National Police HQ yesterday afternoon to discuss the matter and check readiness of the forces.

Speaking after the meeting he said that nowhere in particular was being protected, everywhere was under the watch of the security forces as normal – but he conceded that tourist sites, embassies and key installations would be subject to added security.

He referenced those responsible for the outrages in seven provinces in August could be behind new threats. The bombers remain at large.

He said that security forces expect trouble in the far south in the three border provinces when the anniversary of the establishment of the insurgent group the BRN (Barisan Revolusi Nasional) is marked.

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