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Weather Bureau dismisses heat wave happening on March 20-22

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Weather Bureau dismisses heat wave happening on March 20-22 | Samui Times
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The Meteorological Department today dismissed speculation that Thailand will be hit by heat wave on March 20-22 with expected temperature rising over 40 degrees Celsius for several days.

Weather Bureau dismisses heat wave happening on March 20-22 | News by Samui TimesIt was just a rumour, it said.

The long hot temperature from the “equinox” phenomenon which will happen in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand could result in heat stroke which is hazardous to health or could result in sudden death, the rumour said.

But the Meteorological Department said the speculated report which went viral on the social media did not come from it, but was merely a rumour.

It insisted that in fact the “equinox” phenomenon is merely the time of the year when the sun is directly above the equator, meaning that the sun goes straight up and straight down at the time.

Such phenomenon will usually happen on March 20 or 21 every year, and it is not the cause for heat wave, it said.

It assured that during the said period, Thailand won’t be in the hottest days of the year as a tropical storm is expected on March 14-19 which will help ease the summer heat.

The department instead forecast that the hottest period of the country will be from end of April to early of May, and this year’s temperatures will not be higher than last year.

According to the department, heat wave will happen only when daily maximum temperatures are 5 degrees Celsius higher than normal temperatures for five consecutive days.

For Thailand, the department assured that heat wave won’t happen although the temperature will rise over 40 degrees Celsius at daytime.

It added that for the fear of heat stroke, it advises risky groups such as the aged people, children, patients and those working outdoor to keep off staying in the sunlight for a long crime, but should drink enough clean water.

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