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Wednesday League of Gentlemen Pool League 27th August

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Wednesday League of Gentlemen Pool League 27th August | Samui Times
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Nine weeks into the M&M’s sponsored Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen Pool league last year’s winners Nang Su Pim are at the top of the leader board tied with Queens Pub both with 9 wins out of 9 and the maximum 27 points, however Nang Su Pim have a +34 frame advantage over Queens.

M&M’s and Tams Bar are also tied, both teams having won 6 out of 9 games and both with 18 points; however M&M’s have a +18 frame difference.

With 15 points each are Thairish Bar, Kinaree and Chilin Bar all with 5 wins out of 5. Thairish have a +20 frame advantage, Kinaree have +7 and Chillin +5.

Premier Spots Bar and Hakuna Matata are next in the pack with 12 points and 4 wins each, Premier Sports Bar has a +3 frame advantage and Hakuna Matata -28.

poolMax Bar has 9 points and 3 wins with -24 frames, Rick at the Office have 6 points and 2 wins with -23 on frames, Red Hot Bar and Samui Rock café have 1 win each Red Hot Bar are -47 on frames, Samui Rock Café are -51 and finally Osteria are yet to win a game or get any points.

On Wednesday 28th an exciting game took place between The Premier Sports Bar and Kinaree, Kinaree went 10-5 up before the Premier Sports Bar had an astonishing come back and won 13-12.

Nang Su Pim took yet another victory this time over Max Bar who only won three frames leaving the home team with a 13-3 victory. Red Hot Bar put up a brave battle against Chilin who left with a 10-13 win, Tams conquered Riks at the Office 9 – 13, Queen annihilated Hakuna Matata 13 – 4, The Samui Rock café got smashed by Thairish and left with a 3 – 13 loss and Osteria got whipped by M&M’s 5 – 13.

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