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Wednesday night pool season draws to a close

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Wednesday night pool season draws to a close | Samui Times
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Season 10 of the M&M’s Wednesday Night League of Gentlemen Pool League reached its final conclusion, after an exciting season, on Wednesday 5th of June.

New team, Cush Bar, got off to a reasonable start to the season but exactly half way through shut their doors and were no longer part of the league, so a 13 -0 win was awarded for the remainder of their games to the other teams. Consequently they came in last place with only 6 points and a -201 frame difference. Newcomers to the Wednesday Night League, Ostaria, did not fair too well, although had great fun at all of their games in the true spirit of the League of Gentlemen and took 11th place. Stop Bar had a rough season but improved when Masu returned to the team half way through the season, however, still only managed to take 10th place. Tams Bar took a huge downturn this season having lost several of their best players, notably Timmy, who left to join Queens. Struggling for players occasionally Tams came in a disappointing 9th place. Newcomers, The Office, whose players mainly came from Team Riks, that were not in this season, enjoyed some great games and took 8th place with 21 points and a -49 frame difference. The Samui Rock Café, under the new ownership and management of Dan, did pretty well and it is fair to say had a lot more fun than last season. They came in 7th place with 27 points and -21 frame difference. Newcomers, Hakuna Matata, enjoyed some great games throughout the season and took a respectable 6th place with 36 points and +15 frame difference. Premier Sports Bar, the only team to beat the winners all season, played to good form and took 5th place with 39 points and a +28 frame difference. Thairish, cup sponsors of the league, played consistently well and enjoyed some superb games and enjoy a healthy 4th position with 51 points and +51 frame difference. League sponsors, M&M’s, enjoyed the usual fun and banter they are renowned for in the league and took 3rd place with 51 points and a +79 frame difference Queens Pub, with the new additions of Paul and Timmy, rose to the top this season playing some serious pool in a determined effort to take the 1st place cup, but took 2nd place with 54 points with a +118 frame difference despite being hailed the Super Team of the league. So in 1st place, last year’s winners ,Nang Su Pim, came in victorious, despite losing ace players Pat and Mike, with 63 points and a whopping +178 frame difference after two games against Queens (one of them rearranged) towards the end of the season that could have tipped the balance and put them in second place.

The end of season presentation is to be held at league sponsor M&M’s bar on Saturday the 22nd. The pre season meeting will take place the week before at M&M’s on Wednesday 12th of June.


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