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Weight loss on fruit: don’t be afraid of food and fruit!

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Weight loss on fruit: don’t be afraid of food and fruit! | Samui Times
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In this article I want to talk about natural, healthy and easy weight loss, weight loss the way it is supposed to be.

I want to address in this article two issues.

  1.  Fear of food
  2. Fear of fruits

We have those 2 fears in our society. And I want to show you how those two fears can stop you from easy healthy and natural weight loss.

Fear of food.


In our society now food became a foe when it’s supposed to be our friend. People are literally afraid of eating. They are afraid of food because they can put on weight, get sick and even die of food poisoning.

BUT at the same time people have to eat, right?

And although most of the people know how certain foods are bad for them they still eat those food s because they are overwhelmed with all the information that tells you how almost any food has something negative, has some negative effect on our health so…

So we have to eat anyway and we just eat whatever because we just HAVE to eat.

Every day you hear from someone or read somewhere how meat is bad for you, dairy is bad for you, fruits are bad for you, too much greens are bad for you, fats are bad for you and so on and so forth…

What’s there left you eat you might ask?

So you end up eating what you are used to eating and what is easily available right now right here, right?

Then you might have some health issues, your might end up being overweight, sick and nearly dead…

BUT isn’t everyone is like that nowadays?

No, actually, some people managed to get through torrents of misleading information and find their way to health, fit and beautiful body.

And I got a news for you!


They know what to eat, how much to eat, when to eat to support their health and always be fit, vibrant and beautiful.

And it’s not that difficult as it might seem.

One thing you got to understand though:


Without food you will not be alive and you won’t be able to enjoy your life.

You just need to eat real FOOD not JUNK.

Real food.

So what is real food for us?

To understand that we should think of ourselves as of machines.

Every machine or mechanism is designed to consume certain kind of fuel as it’s main source of energy, right?

Every car, every plane, every ship…

Your car can’t run on plane’s fuel, can it?

The same with biological machines like we, humans. We, as any other animal, are designed to consume certain kind of food to perform at our best. Cows eat grass, lions eat flesh of animals, elephants eat grass, leaves, fruits etc. We humans are designed to eat certain foods too, foods that can be found in nature, foods that was specially designed for us, food that we can eat without changing it in any way.

And if we look at ourselves and analyze what is appealing to us, what we can eat without any tools, how our body works and what we use as our main source of energy etc.(more facts you can find in “The 80/10/10 Diet” book) we realize that fruit(sweet and non-sweet like tomatoes, cucumbers etc.) are the perfect food for us. Fruits are water rich foods (our bodies more than 70% water), fruits are mainly simple sugars (our bodies use simple sugars as energy and even fats and proteins are converted in simple sugars when we don’t have enough), fruits have protein, vitamins, minerals and even some fats. Fruits with addition of some leafy greens (spinach, kale, lettuce etc.) and small amount of seeds and nuts are perfect source of food for us as biological machines.

Fruit based diet is THE BEST diet for human beings.

Fear of fruit.

love of fruit

So why there are so many concerns about fruits?

You might have heard that:

  • Fruit makes you fat
  • Fruit rises your blood sugar levels too much
  • Fruit causes gas, constipation, bloating

And that is all NOT TRUE!

The truth is that most people don’t know how to eat fruit properly. They blame fruit for something that is caused by the rest of the diet.

First of all, if your diet has some fruit but you also eat animal products, dairy, highly processed foods – you’ll have all kinds of digestion problems, weight gain, blood sugar disorders etc.

 Fruit is not supposed to be in your stomach with any other foods.

Because fruit is digested so easily and has lots of simple sugars it’s supposed to stay in your stomach no more than 30-45 minutes and go straight to your intestines and be out of your system completely in 4-6 hours.

If you, by eating other foods with it or having undigested heavy foods sitting in your stomach, if you make fruit sit in your stomach much longer, it’s going to ferment causing production of alcohol, gas, bloating , blood sugar level’s spikes(if you eat high fat diet). And all that can cause additional problems when you are trying to lose so fat.

In order for fruit based diet to work:

  • you need to eat fruit on an empty stomach or after your meal was digested and left peacefully your stomach
  • you need to make fruit 70-80% of your diet
  • you need to make healthy food choices for the rest 20-30% most of the time


For ideal natural, easy, healthy weight loss you need:

  • Not to be afraid of food
  • Not to be afraid of fruit
  • Eat fruit based diet with addition of other healthy foods

Follow this simple rules and you’ll:

  • Lose all the unwanted fat easily
  • Regain health
  • Become vibrant and beautiful
  • Increase your energy levels dramatically

And that is why our beautiful home Samui Island is THE PERFECT PLACE to lose weight and get sexy hot and fit body, regain health, become vibrant and beautiful and be the best you can be!

There is so much fresh sweet ripe fruit on this beautiful paradise island Samui!

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Anzhela Shurina

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