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Well done Koh Samui bikers

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Well done Koh Samui bikers | Samui Times
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In some countries around the world, ‘Bikers’ have something of a reputation as ‘Hell-raisers’ and trouble-makers, but here in Thailand the Biker scene is a little different, with different groups often riding together to go to bike-meets at which the most common problem is finding a free place to park your bike!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESKoh Samui has its own contingent of proud bikers too, and almost 20 different motorbike groups are based here on the island, with names such as ‘Slow Down’, ‘Samu-I’, ‘Dark Angels’, and ‘Classic’… to name but a few.

While many of the groups are obviously dedicated to the bigger bikes – ‘Choppers, ‘Cruisers’ etc – there are also numerous groups dedicated to smaller-engined motorbikes – such as the classic Honda 70cc ‘Step Through’… as long as it has an engine and 2 wheels (sometimes 3 wheels!) there will be a team to welcome you.

However on Saturday (22/02/14) the bike team you belonged to, the type of motorbike you rode (or the size of its engine) counted for nothing, as more than 200 bikes of all shapes and sizes (that goes for their riders too!) took to the ring road for a ride around the island in support of the Red Cross.

The Red Cross ride around around Samubikers 5i is an annual event, and this year the ride – supported by numerous resorts, hotels, and businesses on Samui – raised over 200,000 baht for the Red Cross.

The bulk of the money raised came from the sale of T-shirts – especially designed for the event – which were proudly worn by all of those that took part in the ride around the island’s ring road.

The bikers initially met-up at a meeting point close to Chaweng Lake, before a police escort (motorbikes of course!) led the orderly procession over to ‘Buddy’ resort in Lamai, where many other bikes joined the entourage. After a short break for photographs and drinks of cold water, the bikes then road around the island to Nathon, where a party – including live music, team games, and free food – was planned for the evening.

It was terrific to see so many different groups of bikers all pull together for such a fantastic cause, and the organisers should be congratulated.

Well done Samui Bikers!

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