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Wellness counselling an added benefit with expat health insurance

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Wellness counselling an added benefit with expat health insurance
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During this unpredictable time with the Covid-19 pandemic, taking care of one’s mental health is equally important, as mental and physical health directly affect each other. As people worldwide have lost jobs, family members, friends, and their “old normal,” the spotlight on wellness has grown brighter. But what about those who are expatriates in another country, such as Thailand?

Not surprisingly, a ground-breaking study that was published in the International Journal of Mental Health, found that expats are 3 times as likely to suffer from mental health issues. Those expats who suffer, are more likely to express or endorse feelings of being trapped, depressed or isolated. The study also found that half of expats were at a high risk of internalising common mental health issues like anxiety and depression. These findings point towards a dangerous niche that seems to be growing larger due to the recent instability.

Pandemic Fatigue or Pandemic Anxiety is on the rise

Despite the turmoil worldwide due to the pandemic, just moving abroad in itself can present its own challenges. Things like adjusting to the daily life in your new home country, to legalities and financial issues can make life temporarily more difficult. Not to mention, the departure of your support system, which is one of the most important things humans need to maintain a healthy mindset. All of these things can be dealt with, but enlisting professional help can make the outcome more positive. Fortunately, there is one expat health insurance company that has taken note of the current situation and is offering help. Regency for Expats knows the effects on mental health that can occur after moving abroad, as well as the very real effects of experiencing culture shock.

Most people take out insurance policies, hoping that they will be covered when they really need it. Whether it’s an accident or even a Covid-19 diagnosis, they pay to feel secure if something happens. But, as the current climate has proven quite tough on wallets and minds, Regency for Expats insurance company is, perhaps, the only company that is offering full support when other companies aren’t. The company has begun offering additional wellness benefits like remote video counselling for those who are struggling. With fully qualified, professional counsellors, the company is prepared to support and guide clients through this potentially life-changing time. What’s even more impressive, is that insurance subscribers to Regency can take advantage of the counselling at home, through online, live sessions.

The company says subscribers to the international health insurance plan will not only get the new wellness benefit but also Covid-19 coverage, as well as fitness and nutrition support to help their bodies and minds work together. Regency for Expats strives to help its clients live a fuller and healthier life, with new skills to protect them against the ever-changing world.

Facts alone make this company one that expats should consider as it beats other international health insurance providers on the percentage of claims that are paid out. The company pays 98% of claims, surpassing the industry standard of 80%. Regency deals with claims efficiently and fairly through its international medical assistance service that provides medical response 24 hours a day. Moreover, 80% of the claims that Regency pays, are distributed within 4 days, making it the fastest turn-around time in the industry. There is much more, however, that Regency takes pride in offering. As the premier and trusted international expat health insurance provider, the company feature the lowest premiums in the market.

Expats who are looking for a premier insurance provider that is internationally trusted should take a serious look at Regency for Expats. With comprehensive benefits, including fitness, nutrition, wellness, and Covid-19 coverage, Regency has you covered for all of life’s obstacles.

Wellness counselling an added benefit with expat health insurance | News by Thaiger


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