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We’re off! Spooked residents leave an apartment building after two creepy deaths

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We’re off! Spooked residents leave an apartment building after two creepy deaths | Samui Times
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Residents of a downtown Bangkok apartment building are upping sticks and leaving after two deaths in a week.

And a woman who lives in the block claims she is in touch with the spirits of the dead people, freaking local officers, Daily News reports.

spooky deaths ThailandPolice were called to the unnamed four storey apartment in Beung Kham district of Bangkok Wednesday where a man had died just three days after a woman was found dead in a bathroom.

Beung Kham police found Amphon Premrudee, 43, a gas delivery man in the Nawamin area lying dead in his room on the ground floor. He had been dead about two or three days and there were no signs of a struggle or theft. Known as a diabetic, spirits of a different kind were found next to his body – a drained bottle of lao khaw.

His boss said that Amphon had asked for time off to return to his home in Khon Kaen four days ago and he had not heard from him since.

On Sunday a 59 year old woman was found dead after appearing to have slipped in a bathroom. Police investigating were freaked when a resident of the building, Miss Khemjira Dechwong, 30, said that without knowing her friend had died the spirit had alerted her to her death describing the state of her lifeless body and where she was to be found.

She said the spirit had contacted her so that relatives could be informed as to what had happened.

Meanwhile on Wednesday the medium Khemjira was on hand again to say that the spirit of the dead delivery man was sitting beside the body in a restless state. She told foundation workers recovering the corpse to move the body a little in the van so that the spirit could go too.

She added that the dead man’s spirit said it was not hungry but thirsty and that they should give some water to the corpse.

Now many superstitious residents of the block have had enough. They have packed up their things and left in droves complaining of a smell of corpses and two people dead in quick succession.

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