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Westerner caught on camera breaking into home

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Westerner caught on camera breaking into home | Samui Times
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A busy burglar operating in the Bang Jo area of Cherng Talay was caught on CCTV breaking into yet another house at 7.30pm on July 24. From the footage it appears he is a Westerner – the first known case of a non-Thai burgling homes in Phuket.
A business partner of Diamond Condominiums, Jo D’Hondt, told The Phuket News that his camera had not been working well but when he was finally able to watch the footage on Wednesday night (July 30), he could see the man coming through the woods and climbing over the wall into a neighbour’s property, which was unoccupied at the time.

phuket home breakIn his small soi there are four houses, he said. Only his is occupied; the other three are for sale.

There has been a spate of burglaries in the area, suspected to have been perpetrated by the same person. Mr D’Hondt’s house alone has been burgled over four times in five years, while the neighbour’s house has been broken into four times in two years.

He said that the thief had stolen more than 8,000 Euros in cash, expensive watches and many other valuables from his own home.

There have been ongoing problems of burglaries in the area but it is only recently that security cameras have been installed. Many of the homes in the area are usually unoccupied, making them a prime target for break-ins.

The offender is thought to have parked his vehicle behind the woods.

“I want him hunted and caught and thrown into jail!” Mr D’Hondt told The Phuket News.

He said the camera footage clearly showed the burglar’s face and he was shocked when he saw it was a Westerner.

The case has been reported to the police, who are investigating.
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