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“What do you expect us to do? – Police do nothing after pervert intrudes into Lampang woman’s bedroom

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“What do you expect us to do? – Police do nothing after pervert intrudes into Lampang woman’s bedroom | Samui Times
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Thai social media went berserk after a man posted about a female friend’s experience in Lampang in northern Thailand on Monday. 

Despite a possibly armed intruder entering the bedroom of a young woman and masturbating downstairs requests to the local cops were met with complete inaction, said Sanook. 


In fact according to posts on Facebook the victim was told: “Just call us if he comes back”. 

“Suphap” posted on a Facebook page called “Lampang City” for his friend. He alleged that a conversation with the police went like this:

Cops: “Where is the pervert?”

Victim: “He’s gone now”

Cops: “So what do you expect us to do about it? Just call us if he comes back”.

Suphap was furious saying he just couldn’t understand the lazy police response to a serious situation. 

“Why aren’t they there gathering evidence? Does something even more serious have to happen before they do their job?, he asked. 

Sanook reporters went to meet the victim 22 year old Rattawan at her address in Prabat sub-district of Muang district Lampang after a firestorm of criticism of the RTP erupted on social media.

She said she was on the second floor in the shower. A friend was sleeping on the third floor. 

She came out of the shower dressed in a towel and went to her adjacent room where she observed that someone was hidden under a blanket by her mattress. 

She is rather shortsighted that led to some confusion but she pulled off the blanket to reveal a man lying there.

He said: “Are you Naen?”

She said: “Yes, who are you?”

“I’m Nat,” he said. She screamed and fled to her friend’s bedroom on the third floor. 

The intruder – who Suphap had said on Facebook was armed with a box cutter – fled downstairs to a first floor office and exited. 

When they felt that the coast was clear the friends went downstairs and found semen stains on a sofa and a glass coffee table. A picture showed the victim pointing at what looked like some used tissues. 

Rattawan confirmed that she called the Khelang Nakorn police who asked what they expected them to do and to call if the intruder came back. 

She said that she is too scared to remain in that house and added that a friend of hers was responsible for going online to recount the story about the cops’ response – or lack thereof. 

Sanook did not report any comment from the police on this matter. 


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