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The safest way to get food during a pandemic

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The safest way to get food during a pandemic | Samui Times
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What’s the best way to ensure your safety when it comes to getting food and dealing with the Coivd-19 outbreak?

Well… the safest thing to do is to cook at home or if you’re having to go to work, prepare lunch boxes to eat at work.

But if you don’t want to cook, can’t cook, maybe you want to buy something particular outside, or if you’re just cant be bothered.

Here are the safest things to do:

1. Get a takeaway

  • If you decide to buy food from a stall, pay attention to who is selling the food… Are they clean? Are they wearing a face mask? when preparing food are they wearing gloves etc.
  • If eating at work or at home or finding a safe seat that is not crowded or surrounded by people.

2. Use online services, such as ordering food and delivery online.

Although this method is a little more pricey, it also reduces the risk of coming into contact with multiple people.

Just make sure you choose to use the service that is well informed with details about the service providers and they have systems in place to endure the food is safe and clean.

In addition, regardless of what you may order, once you have received the item, you should clean hands and handle only the box or container the food was given to you in.

The bag should be placed in a place where there is no chance of contaminating the food in the house.

3. Avoid restaurants.

It’s better to be safe than sorry and during this period there is no way to be sure it’s 100% safe to eat food in the store.

This is because everyone in the shop has to open their mouths to eat and obviously no one can wear a mask while they eat.

Also, even though people come to eat, you can’t go to a restaurant without interacting with someone.

Therefore, there is always a chance of spreading the infection through discussions.

It is estimated that in a normal conversation, there will be about 10 small droplets of spray per second.

If someone was to speak loudly or shout, there will be even more and these tiny droplets cannot be filtered by a cloth mask. So there is much more chance of being infected.

Regardless of how many meters you sit away from each other, there are more opportunities for the virus to spread within a closed area.

Especially if it is closed with an air cooling system, causing an air loop in the room, further causing even greater risk.

If you decide to eat in a restaurant for some reason. you must accept the risk and try and find a way to prevent infection as much as possible.

Always be aware and look out for possible symptoms.

Most symptoms are similar to a cold. Such as high fever and cough.

if you are experiencing symptoms for a few days and it doesn’t improve, then you should quickly contact your local health care provider to get checked out.

Remember when out and about, always wear a face mask, keep your distance and keep those hands clean!


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