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Whatever next! Monk flashing Thai woman video goes viral!

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Whatever next! Monk flashing Thai woman video goes viral! | Samui Times
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A monk who exposed himself to a woman on video shamelessly asked for 1000 baht for the show!

Now an enraged Thai Buddhist public have called for even more clothing to be removed – “Defrock him now!” they have demanded.

Flashing monkThe video of the incident that happened at a Sakorn Nakorn temple on Sunday was shared right across social media, reported Thairath. Religious people were angry that such behavior should be shown especially on the holy days celebrating Buddhist Lent yesterday and today.

In the video a young woman can be seen having an exchange of words with a monk. He approaches her aggressively and looks to be about to make trouble. He is seen holding a cigarette in his hand and then defiantly stands with his hands on his hips in front of the woman who has a phone.

Then the monk says: “Go on film me – take a video” he suggests.

At this point the monk reveals his belly by lifting his saffron robes and starts slapping his midriff announcing defiantly:

“Have a bit of that! I’ll give you what you want. Just give me 1,000 baht for the show.”

To which the unimpressed woman says: “No way would I give you 1,000 baht. What sort of a monk flashes a woman like that? What are you going on about using language like that?”.

Not surprisingly the video was shared across many fan pages from the “Banyatthewa” site. The monk was almost universally criticized.
Netizens called for him to be defrocked for bringing the Buddhist religion into disrepute. Others called for the Sangha religious rulebook to be thrown at him.

Reporters went to the temple – Wat Pa Ban Dong Mor Thong in Ban Muang district of the north eastern province – where they spoke to another monk called Phra Surawuth Worawuttho who said that the monk in the clip had just been visiting on some clerical business.

There had been an argument about him moving temples and the altercation with the woman had followed.

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