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Why you shouldn’t play Pokémon Go on a motorbike

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Why you shouldn’t play Pokémon Go on a motorbike | Samui Times
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It is a picture that should remind everyone of the folly of looking at a mobile phone while driving.

In this case the driver is a motorcyclist in the northern Thai province of Nong Khai, reported Daily News.

A witness in the area of the Nong Song Hong checkpoint on the Friendship Highway near Nong Khai told police that they saw this motorcyclist bending his head down looking at his phone as he drove along going fast.

When he looked up it was too late – despite breaking Suphachai Chaijan, 19, slammed head first into the back of a truck loaded with sand that was parked by the side of the road.

The Nong Khai youth was embedded in the back of the truck – an impact that fractured his skull and sprung his right eye out of its socket.

He was unconscious and was taken to hospital but is believed to have died from his serious injuries.

Truck driver Watanachai Baoraksa said he was taking a load of sand to a customer and had parked by the side of the road to eat. Ten minutes later he came back and was checking his tires when he heard the sound of braking then the impact on his truck.

The witness told the police that the youth was probably looking at the Line application or even playing Pokémon Go. Police said that they would examine the phone to discover what had led to Suphachai’s death.

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