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Widespread public support for farang woman denounced by Thai press

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Widespread public support for farang woman denounced by Thai press | Samui Times
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Manager Online and some other Thai news websites cried foul and published a photo of a western woman in bikini bathing at the canal in the heart of Chiang Mai, saying she has acted improperly.
woman in bikini sparks outrage in ThailandHowever, instead of inciting online outrage against her, most Thai Facebook users poured support to her with “so what” comments. Several noted that several Thai women were dressed in much more obscene dress when they played water splashing in the Chiang Mai canal during the Songkran celebration.
“Speechless! Young farang woman dressed in bikini baths in Chiang Mai canal,” the headline of Manager screams.
Manager reported that Chiang Mai residents became speechless to see a western tourist bathing on the bank of the canal along Manee Nopparat Road near the Lok Mori Temple, seemingly without a care in the world.
The news website further said the woman apparently did not understand the good culture of Chiang Mai people so saw no problem in wearing a bikini in a public place.
Many Facebook users reacted by saying that there was no sign that says swimming in the canal was prohibited.
“Excuse me, she was dressed more politely than Thai women during the Songkran festival. Her dress was not sexually provocative and did not look obscene like our own people. This kind of news should not have been publicized because it shows that our own people are hypocrites,” a Facebook user, who goes by the name of Nuther Hunheyin said in Thai.
“It’s just a canal, for God sake!” another comment said.
Another Facebook user said children in the area swam naked everyday and some teenage couples even had sex in the canal during the Songkran festival.
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