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Wife killed in cold blood for LINE chat

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Wife killed in cold blood for LINE chat | Samui Times
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NongYaPlong police have re-enacted three brutal killings which the husband shot dead his wife for devoting time to chat via LINE app before opening fire on mother-in-law and son to cover up his crime.

Murder suspect KosolSuwanwong, 50, said he came home on February 13 to find his wife Orn-uma ignoring him and chatting online.

lineAfter complaining about her preoccupation with LINE chat voicing suspicion about having an affair, his wife told him she did not care and challenged him for a divorce.

He then went into rage and lost control. He immediately walked into the bedroom to take his gun and shot his wife.

After the shooting, he panicked and walked around the house. He found his mother-in-law and shot her. After hearing gunshots, his son stepped out of his room to investigate and he shot him too.

Later he walked another round and shot each victim one more time to make sure they were dead, he said during re-enactment.

He also wanted to kill his daughter and daughter in law but changed his mind after the two cried and begged for him to spare them.

He took, however, his daughter’s gold necklace to finance his escape.

Following the killings, he fled to stay with his friend in UbonRatchathani until police arrested him four days later.

Some 200 neighbours and onlookers witnessed the re-enactment. They tried to lynch the suspect, prompting the mobilisation of 50 policemen to keep peace.

Police said the suspect had a long list of criminal records including theft, fraud and embezzlement.

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