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Wife seeks jail term rather than stay with husband of 32 years

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Wife seeks jail term rather than stay with husband of 32 years | Samui Times
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A woman turned herself in with an illegal gun at a police station, saying she would rather be behind bars than spend another day with the husband she has lived with for 32 years.

She got her wish, at least in the initial stage. Police charged her with owning an illegal gun and carrying it without permission. She was detained without bail. The court will make the final ruling.

gun crime ThailandJamnien Thongjib, 54, a resident of tambon Khuha Tai of Rattaphum district, rode her motorcycle to Rattaphum police station, went directly to a police officer and put her gun, loaded with a single shotgun cartridge, on the desk.

Pol Lt Col UsmanYeetawhee, inspector (investigation), said he was totally suprised by her action.

She told the police to arrest her because she was fed up staying with her husband bcause he was emotionally unstable. She would rather be in prison.

The couple have three children and eight grandchildren and have been together for 32 years, she said.

Ms Jamnien said they sometimes argued but still lived together. However, she had lost all patience. As her husband got older his behaviour had changed. Sometimes he would be a nice sweet man, but other times she had to flee the house for her own safety.

There were also other domestic issues that were too much for her to bear.

Therefore, Ms Jamnien decided to bring a gun she bought five years ago to the police station.

She said she had thought of killing herself to end the problem, but she loved her children and grandchildren. So going to jail was an alternative, because she would still be able to see her loved ones.

Pol Lt Col Somkiat Ostaphun, deputy superintendent of Rattaphum police station, said he sympathised with her, but police still have to charge her. She could face up to one year in the prison, but that would depend on the court, he saidt.

After being informed about the charge, Ms Jamnien was happy and thanked the police for arresting her.

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