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Will Thailand be opening a legal casino any time soon?

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Will Thailand be opening a legal casino any time soon? | Samui Times
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In Thailand gambling is not yet legal. Even though it would bring in a great gain for the economy. However, there have been some movements at the end of 2021. And they might bring new perspectives into account. Because a part of the population supports a potential casino opening.

In Thailand, there has always been a rich tradition of horse race betting. And with horse tracks spread across the country, the betting culture is still alive, and the tribunes are often filled with a betting audience. There is a rich culture for betting and lottery. However, other types of gambling have long been forbidden. However, Thailand might benefit from legalizing casinos as it could generate quite a financial gain for the country. If you want to explore the world that could potentially be, you can visit Thai Casino here.

Supports and oppositions

In December 2021 a survey showed that a percentage of 21,25 per cent was supportive in terms of legalizing gambling. Most pointed to the fact that it could help generate revenue for the country and some highlighted that it would keep Thais from travelling abroad to engage in gambling. And maybe all these movements will make Thailand consider legalizing casinos. An economist even advocates for legalizing gambling and opening casinos and points to the implementation of restrictions such as age limits and income limits. This would accommodate the part of the population, that is sceptical. 

Even though a part of the population supports the idea, there is still a great deal of opposition. And it is the populations’ opposition that is slowing down the process. The estimated financial revenue for the state is around 200 billion each year, which will benefit many. 

Already a gambling nation

A survey showed that even though the country has tight restrictions, a lot of Thais are engaged in gambling. And this entails other types of gambling than the popular and legal Thai lottery. The survey carried out by the Center for Gambling Studies at Chulalongkorn University showed that over half of the population was engaged in some type of gambling. 57 per cent was the exact number. When a significant number is gambling, it is a bit alarming as some of this activity must be illegal. There is a lot of sense in legalizing gambling and making it controlled by the government with this in mind. If it is illegal, people will continue to seek out these options. Legalizing is a way of getting control of a certain market. 

The push of tourism

One of the things pushing this decision is the great amount of tourism that Thailand benefits from every year. A lot of travellers appreciate the possibility to gamble on their holiday. This could attract a lot of newcomers as some might choose countries with fewer regulations on the matter. And the government might feel a certain pressure to offer a gambling option to the many tourists travelling to the country each year. Tourism is a great income source for the country, and the government might be willing to go a long way to please the tourists.

Will Thailand be opening a legal casino any time soon? | News by Samui Times

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