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Will the Thai government impose a 24 hour curfew?

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Will the Thai government impose a 24 hour curfew? | Samui Times
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Currently, the national curfew in Thailand is from 10pm – 4am but this may all change if there are no improvements soon. The warning from the government as it struggles to keep the number of new infections down.

As infections are still on the rise, the government has recently announced they might have to take further precautions by enforcing a 24 hour curfew within a week.

Government Spokesperson, Narumon Pinyosinwat says…

“A curfew from 10 pm to 4 am was imposed after it was found people were still leaving their houses.”

On average, there has been an increase of over 100 cases a day recently. The government officials say they do not wish to impose stricter measures such as a 24 hour curfew but it is an option if the situation was to worsen.

Narumon urges people to not leave the house unless it is necessary and follow the social distancing measures, which until now people have not completely complied with. She then goes on to say…

“The Prime Minister does not want to be tough on this matter. So, he has asked for more cooperation from the public to reduce their outdoor movement.”

The Government says they understand that there are situations that required people to leave the house during a curfew, especially for medical personnel, bankers, delivery service and people who worked on shifts but those people must prepare documents to show officials.

Those who leave their residences without permission will face a legal penalty.

Spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, Pol Lt-General Piya Uthayo, said yesterday… “People who violate the curfew under the Emergency Decree will face up to two years in prison or up to 40,000 baht fine or both.”

“In the first two days of the curfew, we will focus on publicising who can, and cannot< be outside, such as people working on the night shift or who return home from work during curfew hours,”

“Those who must step outside during curfew hours are required to carry their ID card, a letter from the employer explaining the necessity and the phone number of the affiliated organisation and officials will consider this on a case-by-case basis.”

“More checkpoints will be set up nationwide in collaboration with the Interior Ministry and more police officers will be put on patrol.”

SOURCE: The Nation

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