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Will writer Terry Le Long offers a valuable service to Samui residents

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Will writer Terry Le Long offers a valuable service to Samui residents | Samui Times
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Nobody really wants to think about dying, but it is very important to think about asset management after your death while you are still alive.

It doesn’t really matter whether you only have a few valuables and a small amount of cash left when you die, or vast estates and investments, unless you make a proper will, there is no guarantee your assets will end up in the hands of those you intended it to unless you make a proper will. Simply making your intentions know to those close to you is not enough and for ex-pats living in Thailand, it is important to know that your assets in Thailand are not covered by a will made in another country just as your assets overseas are not covered by a will made in Thailand.

wills thailandFor anybody who has assets in Thailand it is very important that you make a will. Without a will just about anybody can go to court and make claims on your estate. For a will to be legally binding in Thailand it must be written properly, in the correct format and translated into Thai.

Deciding who will benefit from your estate after your death is not always easy. Things like valuables, your house, land and car must be considered as well as any shares you may have in a Thai company or any leases you may have on land or property and of course, there are other things to consider such as pensions, if you have any, and who will be left in charge of administering your estate.

Making a will is not just a consideration if you are old or ill. Terry Le Long from the UK had a heart attack at a very young age while driving his car in the UK. Terry thankfully survived the incident, but had he not have done, with no will, his loved ones would have been left in a situation of not only not knowing where he wanted his assets to go, but having to find assets such as bank accounts and shares that are not as obvious as things like cars and property.

Once Terry recovered from his illness he went to see a professional will writer and estate planning practitioner and put his affairs in order and fifteen years ago became a will writer and estate planning practitioner himself after a long career in the RAF and many successful years as a trainer. Today he is the Regional Chairman of the Society of Will Writers in the UK.

Twelve years ago Terry decided to live part time in Thailand. While he was here he was amazed to find that many expats did not have wills and eight years ago he decided to use his skills and experience to write wills for ex-pats here in Thailand, not only for their assets here but their assets back home as well, no matter which country they came from.

After writing wills for Dave Covey and his family Terry decided to come to Samui twice a year to offer his services to the ex-pats and is currently on the island. Terry offers a very professional and highly confidential will writing service to anybody over the age of eighteen. He also offers help and advice if you are unsure who you would like to benefit from your assets in the event of your death and he can also help you create a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare, a document that replaced the Living Will in 2007, that will ensure your wishes are known in the event of a situation arising where you were so incapacitated or on life support you are unable to speak for yourself.

While Terry is in Samui he would like to meet anybody who is interested in finding out about making a will and is planning on having an open question meeting where you can find out more about his services. If you would like to go along then please register your interest by sending an email to

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