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Woman beaten, bitten and killed in Chiang Mai

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Woman beaten, bitten and killed in Chiang Mai | Samui Times
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Police are investigating the brutal murder of an unidentified woman who was physically and sexually assaulted before being left to die suffocating in her own blood at a love hotel.
A man and the woman checked in for a short-time stay at the hotel on Charoen Prathet Road before daybreak on Tuesday, Lieutenant Boworn Sombun of Mueang Chiang Mai police station said.
The two appeared to be Songkran revellers according to hotel attendants, Boworn said.
The attendants said they saw the man left alone around 9.00 am and that by noon, the team of housekeepers found the girl dead in the bathroom.
Preliminary examination of the victim’s body and forensic checks on the scene found that the victim died of blood suffocation, known as choking in her own blood.
The victim, aged around 25 to 30, was left to die naked and lying face down on the bathroom’s floor.
She had multiple cuts and bruises. She was hit by glass bottle several times in the face and the nape of her neck. Her breasts were bitten. She had had sex before her death.
Forensic officials found blood pool on the bed and that her body was dragged from the bed to be left in the bathroom.
Police checked the security camera footage and made out the facial profile of the man who checked into the hotel with the victim.
Investigators said they would pursue all leads, including sex game gone wrong, lovers quarrel and attempt to cover up sexual violations and theft.
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