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Woman driver ignores dodgy second hand motor warning – ends up in a klong

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Woman driver ignores dodgy second hand motor warning – ends up in a klong | Samui Times
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A Thai woman who ignored a relative’s warning about a faulty accelerator ended up driving into a Bangkok klong with her five year old son. Only the quick actions of a kind group of motorcycle taxi boys averted a tragedy.

Miss Aromrat, 31, (no surname supplied) said that the accelerator pedal got stuck as she was entering a bridge over Klong Prapa in the Prachacheun Road area of Bang Seu , northern Bangkok on Friday, reports Daily News

woman driverShe had only bought the second hand Toyota Vigo pick-up on the second of this month and a relative who had tried out the vehicle warned her that the accelerator was faulty and she might have an accident but “as she was a woman” she ignored the advice.

Police who were called to the scene found Aromrat and her five year old son wet to the skin and in a state of shock. A four metre stretch of protective railing had been damaged and the Vigo was in the klong.

Aromrat said that she had been out shopping and turned onto the bridge. Her son was sleeping in the vehicle. She let the accelerator come up to slow down but it was stuck causing her to smash through the railings and end up in the klong.

As the truck started sinking she managed to open a window and escape before clutching on to the side of the bridge. She yelled for help and a large group of motorcycle taxi riders responded gallantly rescuing her son from the pick up as water poured in through a broken window.

Aromrat told police she had ignored her relatives advice: “I am just a woman and I don’t know anything about these things,” she said. “I reckoned it would probably be OK so I just went ahead and drove it without doing anything about it.”

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