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Woman jumps into crocodile farm in suicide bid

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Woman jumps into crocodile farm in suicide bid | Samui Times
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A 65-yar-old woman jumped into a crocodile farm in Samut Prakarn province and was killed by crocodiles.

The woman was later idenfitied as Mrs Wanpen Inyai, an employee of an ice-making shop in Nakon Romklao central market in Minburi, Bangkok.

crocodileThe incident was revealed on Facebook account of Banchong Chivamongkolkarn who said his relatives were told by Samut Prakarn police that the 65-year-old victim fell into the crocodile pond in the Samut Prakarn crocodile farm and zoo and she was torn into pieces by crocodiles.

The relatives of the victim went to the farm and asked to see video footage from the farm with condition that the news must be kept confidential and no legal action be taken against the farm.

The relatives agreed and the video footage was then shown to them.

The video footage showed the body of the woman falling into the concrete pond and lying still on the floor. As soon as someone trying to use stick to pull her out, many crocodiles came and tore up her body in two parts.

Police said they suspected the woman committed suicide as she took off her shoes before jumping into the pond.

The cause of suicide was not known, police said.

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