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Woman tries to jump off of Koh Samui view point

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Woman tries to jump off of Koh Samui view point | Samui Times
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On April 24, reporters were informed that a young woman attempted to kill himself, around ​​Koh Samui’s viewpoint.

The woman was suffering from depression, due to being bullied by colleagues and made a rash decision to run away from work and throw herself into the sea in a bid to commit suicide.

Fortunately, the police on patrol saves her by persuading her not to take her own life.

Previously, at the scene was the woman’s brother and two friends who were trying to comfort her, but with no success.

The news media was informed that a young woman tried to jump to the sea to kill herself, in the area of ​​Koh Samui slope viewpoint

Koh Samui viewpoint is a popular area, where the public can go for walks and look out onto the sea.

The Commander of the Bo Phurt Police Station, Pol.Col. Pongphiphat Thongdaeng, tried to comfort the girl and persuaded her to go home.

It took the police officer over 30 minutes to calm the young women down, while the whole time the woman was crying with the desire to commit suicide.

The woman brother told reporters that his sister has been suffering from depression for a while.

Before the incident, he learned that the sister had escaped from the workplace to jump to the sea to kill herself After being mocked by work friends.

Her brother said in a statement…

“This kind of thing is not a joke for people who are sensitive, you must give support to those in trouble. At the same time, he would like to thank the police officers for coming in time and calming down the situation and helping to speak until his younger sister.”

The brother reported that he will take his younger sister to return to live with their parents and family in Udon Thani, in order to maintain the state of mind.


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