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Workshop next Saturday at Jun’s Art Cafe.

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Workshop next Saturday at Jun’s Art Cafe. | Samui Times
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We don’t have many opportunities to at…tend live workshops here on Samui. Next Saturday is an exception thanks to Richard and Sian.
These remarkable people are giving their time for free but would really appreciate it if you were to give a donation to Jun for her monthly charity which she sponsors through her Seva day feasts.
Richard has had a 22 year corporate career in business before he began his personal development journey. He is the creator of quantum mapping, practices a healing modality called holographic kinetics, is fascinated by light alchemy and is an international public speaker.

Sian went from a criminal lawyer to a spiritual healer – her story is amazing and inspirational. She is one of Deloros Cannon top world practitioners in Quantum Healing Hypnotic Therapy. She also teaches Akashic Records workshops, does readings and practices DNA organ regeneration healing.

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Sian & Richard also offer a Natural Healing & Abundance workshop
Saturday June 24 from 10:30am – 5:30pm
June’s Art Cafe, Samui Town Centre
It’s a full day workshop or you can drop in for any of the sessions that interest you.
Starts at 10.30. Be sure to come early to get a good seat.

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