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World Class Pattaya’s “lovely new” beach missing just one thing – tourists!

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World Class Pattaya’s “lovely new” beach missing just one thing – tourists! | Samui Times
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An upbeat video from TNA MCOT – set to some soothing music – portrayed Pattaya as a world class resort after work to improve the eroded beach. 

But while the reporter and a few Thai visitors gave a generally favorable impression of the “New Pattaya” an operator on the beach said something was missing. 


And no one asked any foreigners of their opinion about the improvements in Pattaya though one was seen grimacing in a close-up. 

Presenter Preewat Bupsiri spoke over the gentle music telling his audience that 400 million baht had been spent on new sand widening the beach from a cramped 5 meters to an expansive 35 meters wide. 

World Class Pattaya's

A 2.8 kilometer stretch from Dusit at North Pattaya to Walking Street in South Pattaya was now lovely. 

A word of warning was voiced by one official who said nobody could be sure that the sand would stay – such were the vagaries of Mother Nature but he was hoping for the best. 

Thai tourists gave their thumbs up saying that it was more spacious and better than before. And Pattaya was a great place to visit from Bangkok as it was near and offered both day and night attractions, they said.

But it was not all joy and laughter at the “world class resort”. The reporter said there looked to be not many tourists – though he put that down to the economy and the time of the year. 

One female operator on the beach said it looks nice and the foreign tourists were lounging on the beach. 

But there were hardly any tourists. 

She could make a living before but now she was lucky to get even one customer a day. 

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World Class Pattaya's
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