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Wrongly-accused cop in 2012 Phuket pub brawl with ‘hi-so’ victim seeks ‘social justice’

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Wrongly-accused cop in 2012 Phuket pub brawl with ‘hi-so’ victim seeks ‘social justice’ | Samui Times
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Seeking to clear his reputation, a Phuket police officer wrongly-accused, tried and finally cleared of taking part in the infamous late-night brawl at a Phuket Town pub in January 2012 – which resulted in the hospitalization of a Phuket “hi-so” figure, as well as a well-known Hollywood actor – has filed a complaint against his fellow-police accusers.

wrongly accused manAt 1pm yesterday (March 19) Special Chief Petty Officer Sutthinun Khunyong of Thachadchai Police submitted a complaint to the Phuket Provincial Court, asking for the court to investigate the investigating officer as well as another volunteer police officer involved in the 2012 case, whose names are being withheld by request of the court.

Officer Sutthnun remarked, “As a result of this ordeal, my reputation was ruined. I initially lost my status as a government officer, I had to sell all my assets to fight this case for three years.”

Officer Sutthinun was formally acquitted of any wrongdoing at a hearing on August 26, 2015, the ruling of which was made official in writing on January 13, this year.

Officer Suthinun, who worked for Phuket City Police at the time of the attack on January 4, 2012, reported that he was on duty in the Saphan Hin area nearby, when the attack took place at Ratchada Pub in Phuket’s Poon Phon night entertainment zone.

“When I was alerted by the pub owner … I reported to the scene and was out of uniform so I could observe the scene [inconspicuously] from the front. When someone ran out and yelled that there was an attack, I went in and tried to help the victim [Vorasit “Pla Wan” Issara], who was under the influence [of alcohol] but I ended up being accused as one of the attackers,” said Officer Suthinun.

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