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Yet another necklace theft against an Indian tourist in Pattaya

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Yet another necklace theft against an Indian tourist in Pattaya
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The seventh Indian tourist in the past few weeks says thieves in Pattaya stole his pricey necklace. The tourist, 28 year old Gourab Paul, says 2 women approached him when he was heading back to his hotel with his friends early this morning after a night out in South Pattaya.

In a story that seems almost identical in all the recent necklace theft cases, Gourab says the women “offered him companionship”, according to The Pattaya News. Gourab says one of the women then went behind him and discretely took his gold necklace valued at 85,000 baht. He said he pushed the ladies away and walked off, when he noticed later that his necklace was gone.

Gourab said he was very disappointed, and would warn his friends about the incident. Meanwhile, Pattaya Police planned to review security footage to track down the suspects.

Pattaya’s gold theft problem against Indian tourists has caused such a stir that earlier this month, a Pattaya police chief announced that a ‘specialised’ police patrol force will be formed to monitor any inappropriate incidents in tourist areas, or crimes against tourists.

Some, though not all of the suspects behind these thefts, have been transgender women. Last month, An Indian tourist in Pattaya claims that a Thai woman, and a ‘transgender individual’, who both wore ‘sexy dresses’, stole his gold necklace worth about 33,000 baht. The tourist, 45 year old Sathishkumar Govindarju, told The Pattaya News the pair also tried to convince him to sleep with them.

SOURCE: The Pattaya News


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