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Yet another twist in the Green Mango attack case

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Yet another twist in the Green Mango attack case | Samui Times
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In a new bizarre twist in the case of Jack Hansen-Bartel and his mother Annie who are desperately trying to get justice after Jack was viciously attacked in the Green Mango Club on June9th, the two attackers American-Chinese Raymond Tony Chang and Ryan Yusang Wang have once again had their passports returned and are free to leave the country to return to start university courses at Purdue and Cornell University, despite previously having their passports confiscated by the Samui Provincial Court for breaking their bail conditions and submitting fraudulent documents.

jack post attackDuring post graduation celebrations from NIST Jack found himself in the Green Mango Nightclub where Wang and Chang were also celebrating their graduation from the #Shanghai American School. After what witnesses and the victim describe as an unprovoked attack, leaving him falling in and out of consciousness in the street with extensive injuries to his face that will require a further 12 – 18 months of surgery with only 80% recovery expected, Wang and Chang fled the scene of the crime. However thanks to some good detective work from the Bophut Police Station, Colonel Satit and lieutenant Danchi and lieutenant Thanakorn the pair were later apprehended at Sarujana Villas.

After posting bail and agreeing to engage in nothing other than essential travel and having said they loved Koh Samui so much they had rented an apartment for three years Wang and Chang’s passports were returned.

Jack and his mother Annie were hopeful that justice would be served but concerns grew when SAS students discovered photographs of the boys engaging in anything but essential travel holidaying in South Africa and Taiwan.

After providing evidence to the courts on the 24th of July, Jack, Annie and their legal team waited patiently at the Samui Provincial Court for the men to come and sign in, a provision of their bail.

Channel 7 attackWhen Wang and Chang arrived at the court a scuffle broke out in the car park when one of their fathers attacked a channel 7 camera man covering the case, footage that was later released on Australian television and Thai blogs and news sites. When the boys arrived in the court their passports were once again confiscated due to the non essential travel making them a flight risk, coupled with evidence that the apartment they said they had rented for three years to enjoy Samui turned out to be the address of their lawyers office that does not have any domestic accommodation.

On the very same day their passports were confiscated, and six weeks after the attack Wang and Chang then instructed their lawyer to bring charges against Jack for assault on them and a misdemeanor charge despite never having reported this before or ever having any medical treatment after the attack. Witnesses at the station advise they had not a single mark on them.

Wang and Chang, along with Raymond Changs father, a high flying executive and CEO of several companies and a man who told the court he had been tipped in the Fortune Magazine in 2002 to be one of the 25 next generation future leaders under 40, then professed that the two had carried out the attack in order to protect the honor of a New Zealand – Japanese girl, also enjoying graduation celebrations in the Green Mango club and who Wang and Chang proclaim Jack was now ‘molesting’, a charge that the girl has never reported to the police in Koh Samui.

wang and changSeriously concerned Annie then looked to the Army’s National Council for Peace and Order to work hand in hand with the police in Samui ensure Wang and Chang are brought to justice.

After reviewing legal documents and speaking with people involved in the case, the Army’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) stepped forward on Thursday after Jack was charged. Colonel Werachon Sukondhapatipak of the NCPO advised in Thursdays meeting between NCPO, military lawyers, Jack’s legal team and a representative from the Koh Samui police department, Lieutenant Pongkajohn Sukkasang, that they would oversee the entire process from now on, in conjunction with Colonel Stit Promutai of the Bo Phut police station in Koh Samui, due to the submission of fraudulent evidence and possible corruption from the assailants legal representatives.

Colonel Werachon said that the NCPO is heavily combating corruption in Thailand and that it is a main priority for the governing military junta. He advised that both Thai and foreign nationals such as Jack should be secure in the fact that the NCPO, in conjunction with the Koh Samui police department, is determined to make sure this is a fair and transparent legal process.

However, in a shocking turn of events in Koh Samui yesterday, Wang and Chang, having declared to the courts that they no longer wish to be in Thailand and would like to leave the country to continue their studies, the men were handed back their passports and were permitted to leave the country. Immigration advise that as of last night they had not left yet due to flight bookings.

Although they have been asked to give a further 120,000 baht each in bail, Annie fears the two may never return to Thailand as it is clear that to the families of both of the men money is simply no object and broken bail conditions seem to not worry this family too much. The army is indeed keeping a close on this now after the court’s decision two days ago.

Jack now faces criminal charges and jail time in Koh Samui and due to his injuries is still unfit to travel from his Bangkok home. Ms Hansen still feels strongly that justice will be served . We are currently waiting on the latest comment from the NCPO s Colonel Werachon ….





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