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Yingluck’s optimism, shooting in Bangkok and anti-government protestors continue to march

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Yingluck’s optimism, shooting in Bangkok and anti-government protestors continue to march | Samui Times
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Today Yinluck Shinawatra voiced her optimism that the political problems the country has been facing will now gradually get resolved despite an incomplete election yesterday and said that the law will lead to resolution. She also said that a fresh round of elections will have to be organized in areas where the polls have yet to be held. However yesterday she herself dropped wrong ballots in two boxes, a mistake she informed the EC of. Each voter is required to cast two ballots, one for party-list MP and one for other constituency MP, hers ended up in the wrong boxes.

YingluckDespite her optimism the anti-government protestors vowed to press on with the street rallies aimed to oust Yingluck and there is little sign of an end to the deadlock. Today hundreds marched across the capital to raise support and funds for their three month campaign to topple the government.

Last night police had to close the Thai-Belgium flyover in Bangkok after a car driver was slightly hurt in a gun attack at about 10pm, when a bullet clipped his ear. Mr. Praphan Promvisit, 33, said he was driving home from Samyan market when he took the wrong turn by entering the Thai-Japan Bridge, as he was unaware that the bridge has been occupied by PCAD guards. Several other motorists also reportedly followed his lead onto the bridge, thinking the bridge was open to traffic.

Mr. Praphan later ran into a “bunker” manned by PCAD militants in the middle of the bridge, so he rolled down his window and gestured at other drivers to back up their vehicles.

However, three shots were fired from the direction of the bunker shortly afterwards, according to Mr. Praphan. The bullets slammed into the car′s window shield, with one of them grazing Mr. Praphan′s ear, narrowly missing his face by an inch. Another woman was reportedly shot in the leg.

In the mean time British Photo journalist James Nachtwey was shot on Saturday while covering a gun battle near the Lak Si district office. The bullet passed through his leg. Despite his injury he was back out covering the protests yesterday and reportedly has no idea who shot him.

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