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Young Thai girl stabbed by her boyfriend in Nathon market in Koh Samui

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Young Thai girl stabbed by her boyfriend in Nathon market in Koh Samui | Samui Times
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At around 8pm on the 24th of August police in Nathon received reports that an incident had taken place at a fare in Nathon and a young girl was badly injured. Police and rescue teams arrived at the scene to find a 17 year old girl had been stabbed. They later discovered that the assailant was the girl’s boyfriend.

stabbing nathonThe young couple had recently got engaged. The young man had paid the girls family 200,000 baht for the engagement before enrolling in the temple as a monk. While at the temple the man made several attempts to call his girlfriend but the calls went unanswered. Feeling frustrated, and knowing the young woman would be at the temple fare in Nathon the man exchanged his robes for his everyday robes and went along to the temple where he found his fiancé shopping with her brother. The man made several attempts to talk to the young girl who rejected his advances. An eye witness told the police that the man grabbed the girls arm and attempted to get her to accompany him away from the temple but she refused, pulling her arm away when he tempted to goad her. This further angered the man who stabbed the girl who fell to the floor, horrifying the gathering crowd who alerted the police.

The young girl was taken to the local hospital but later succumbed to her wounds. The 19 year old man fled the scene of the crime but was apprehended when police raided his house.

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