Ko Pha-Ngan

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Buy: ฿1.4M - ฿211M
For Sale on SamuiTimes: 133 properties
Rent: ฿10K - ฿650K
For Rent on SamuiTimes: 11 properties
To Samui International Airport: 116 km / 4 hours 11 mins by driving

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Villa Ana
such a cool place!
User Rating
Overall Rating
it is my first visit to ko tao, and this is where we've stayed. i was on a trip with my boyfriend and two friends. we agreed to make a reservation here because there are three bedrooms and the atmosphere has been pleasant since the first time i arrived. we are so impressed as it is surrounded by natural trees, the atmosphere is very peaceful. the villa's design is very chic and modern, with a balinese aura. i really like it. there is also a kitchen in the villa, which is fully equipped, and we had a lot of fun cooking together. significantly, it is not worrying about raw materials because there is a maid service at the villa; we can let her prepare whatever food you want to eat. however, the nighttime atmosphere here is a bit lonely. the sound of the insects was loud. i was secretly haunted the first night.
Natasha Joy
  • 3 years ago
1 review
Aspire Villas
a modern luxury villa with a stunning sea view and mountain view
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Overall Rating
my family and i chose a vacation time in thailand and rented a villa on koh phangan in surat thani province. it is a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom villa that is suitable for a big family. for me, the rental price is quite expensive. however, if you compare it to the atmosphere and beauty, it is overall worth it. the villas are decorated in an open style, with no roof terrace, and not obstructed the natural scenery. it's like we live in the forest. there is also a private infinity pool, and my wife loves to chill out by the pool because there is a pavilion with sunbeds available. everything in the villa is fully equipped, including kitchen equipment and an open plan kitchen called " everything is provided. just only the ingredients for cooking and the food is ready to be served immediately. it may not be for those who like the lights and the noise, but on the contrary, the silence here is perfect for vacation homes and for relaxing for those who love nature. getting everywhere is convenient because there is a road accessing the project. as for safety, there will be security guards 24 hours a day. for the project facilities, there are not many because there are only 5 villas. most of us will spend time in the villas and rarely go outside.
Donnell Grondin
  • 5 years ago
1 review
Four Springs Estate
luxury villas on koh phangan. private and luxurious
User Rating
Overall Rating
i've been working and save money almost all of my life. so i decided to buy this villa to refresh from exhaustion work to prize happiness to my family. the price is pleasing to me, and the design is what we are looking for. the atmosphere is natural and offers privacy. therefore, it’s no matters how far away from a shopping mall, just drive a bit further. here, we didn't feel uncomfortable or lacking anything. furthermore, the area around the project is full of delicious restaurants with reasonable prices, and traveling anywhere was convenient because the road is connected. besides, even this area is surrounded by many hotels, resorts, and tourists. still, the noise doesn't bother us or seem crowded because the project focuses on privacy and security throughout.
Ronald Sipp
  • 11 years ago
1 review
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