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Narai Property Company Limited was established in 1984, has been trusted for over twenty years. Under the management of Mr. Patchara Nithiwasin, managing director Creative team leaders develop quality residential projects Has a position to develop residential projects With standards for customers Intermediate level up And the company Have a plan to develop business Real estate Focus on the quality of housing and the good environment of the project is important As well as the company Have seen various factors That will allow the house to have more meaning than the building for living If it is still the center of love, attention and happiness of all family members

Have created various types of residential projects such as detached houses, group houses, townhouses, condominiums, apartments and serviced apartments Every project has been very successful and has been trusted by customers and to increase stability, the company increased the registered capital to 1,200 million baht in July 2000, with Narai Hotel and Hua Ki Paper Company Limited. Being the current major shareholder, Narai Property Company Limited is still committed to developing residential projects in various locations that are convenient for transportation In a good environment to support the needs of consumers At all times by defining the style of Each project is different. To meet different lifestyles And comfortable In the modern way of life Of the new generation Basic intention When starting a business that will make "home" means more than a building for living Management after sales The company has a central property management team. That is effective, caring and attentive, as well as improving the environment Within the project continuously To remain atmosphere And good environment Is a society that should live forever Resulting in more valuable assets in the future

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Veva Priva Bangkok 7 N/A Sep 2021
The Parkland Phetkasem 56 Bangkok 2,047 ฿1,950,000 Jul 2020
The Parkland Charan - Pinklao Bangkok 1,784 ฿2,440,000 Jul 2019
The Parkland Lite Samut Prakan 667 N/A Nov 2017
The Parkland Phetkasem Bangkok 895 ฿2,600,000 Dec 2016
The Parkland Phetkasem - Thapra Bangkok 814 ฿2,610,000 Jan 2016
Parc Priva Bangkok 60 ฿49,200,000 Dec 2015
The Parkland Ratchada - Wongsawang Bangkok 743 ฿2,400,000 Dec 2014
Flora Wongsawang Nonthaburi 185 ฿8,240,000 Dec 2013
The Parkland Ngamwongwan-Khaerai Nonthaburi 635 ฿1,560,000 Dec 2013
Nara Botanic Srinakarin Bangkok 127 ฿30,100,000 May 2013
The Parkland Bangna Bangkok 1,250 ฿994,000 Jan 2013
Flora Marigold Bangkok 51 N/A Dec 2012
The Parkland Srinakarin Lakeside Samut Prakan 878 ฿1,610,000 Oct 2012
The Parkland Grand Asoke-Phetchaburi Bangkok 295 ฿4,320,000 Jan 2012
Nara Home Bangkok 119 ฿7,030,000 Dec 2011
The Parkland Grand Taksin Bangkok 566 ฿2,510,000 Dec 2011
The Parkland Taksin-Thapra Bangkok 829 ฿2,560,000 Dec 2010
The Parkland Ratchada-Thapra Bangkok 734 ฿2,590,000 Oct 2009
Anaville Suvarnabhumi Bangkok 272 ฿6,430,000 Dec 2008
Amanta Lumpini Bangkok 286 ฿9,340,000 Dec 2008
The Parkland Srinakarin Samut Prakan 1,120 ฿2,590,000 Dec 2008
Amanta Ratchada Bangkok 344 ฿8,790,000 Dec 2005
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