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The company has since established itself as the largest and most established property developer in Phuket (Thailand), Bintan (Indonesia) and Lăng Cô (Vietnam). With over 1,200 properties, Laguna Property offers a wide range of residential and investment properties, condos, townhouses, villas, and residences. Laguna Resorts & Hotels PLC. listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 1993 and has gained a strong reputation as a responsible developer whose interests combine hotels and real estate with an emphasis on quality and environmental protection, having received numerous environmental and tourism awards.

Laguna Property is the property development arm of Laguna Resorts & Hotels, a publicly listed company that traces its history back to the early 1980s, with the land acquisition and resort development of what is now Laguna Phuket, at the time Asia's first integrated resort complex.

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Name des Projekts
Gesamtzahl der Objekte
Laguna Park 2 Phuket 53 ฿26,900,000 Sep 2023
Angsana Oceanview Residences Phuket 149 ฿48,900,000 Nov 2021
Cassia Phuket Phuket 104 ฿4,990,000 Dez 2019
Laguna Park Phuket 256 ฿12,700,000 Dez 2018
Laguna Village Residences Phase 8 Phuket 34 N/A Apr 2015
Laguna Homes Phuket 41 ฿50,900,000 Nov 2012
Laguna Waters Phuket 10 N/A Jan 2010
Laguna Links Phuket 25 ฿24,400,000 Mai 2009
Allamanda Laguna Phuket 115 ฿8,580,000 Mai 2009
Laguna Village Townhome Phuket 20 ฿16,800,000 Nov 2007
Angsana Laguna Phuket 371 N/A Mai 2007
Laguna Fairway Phuket 9 N/A Okt 2005
Laguna Cove Phuket 8 ฿55,800,000 Mai 2005
Name des Projekts
Gesamtzahl der Objekte
Laguna Seaside Phuket 50 ฿25,800,000 N/A Dez 2026
Laguna Lakelands - Lakeview Residences Phuket ฿7,770,000 N/A Jul 2026
Laguna Beachside Phuket 120 ฿11,300,000 N/A Mär 2025
Sky Park Phuket 400 ฿4,860,000 N/A Jan 2025
Laguna Lakeside Phuket 114 ฿6,750,000 N/A Jun 2024
Laguna Lakelands - Waterfront Villas Phuket 14 ฿60,400,000 18 Monate N/A
Garrya Residences Phuket 38 ฿33,600,000 N/A Im Bau
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